Hi there, Beauty Buffs!

My philosophy is simple- the world of beauty has no rules.  It is a playground of opportunity and exploration that allows for limitless forms of self-expression.  It is playful and fun, intended for you to convey to the world who you are, all the while making you feel deliciously beautiful.

My fervent love affair with makeup began with the purchase of my first clear mascara and lip gloss in the sixth grade, and my appetite for beauty has led me to become a wealth of knowledge on the topic ever since.  I have created this site as a way to communicate all that I have learned over the years and to share with you my favorite products, beauty tips, makeup tutorials, breaking beauty industry news, new trends, etc.  I could go on forever!

While beauty and makeup represent endless freedom, there are certain cosmetic tips that help to enhance ones’ beauty and others that may hinder.  For instance, what were we thinking when we left the house with our beautifully nude lips outlined in harsh, unforgiving black lip liner?

Kim Mathers with a particularly petrifying pout!
Kim Mathers with a particularly petrifying pout!

And why do some women pile on so much bronzer that children find it appropriate to point and say, “Look Mommy!  An oompa-loompa!”

After OD'ing on self-tanner, Anne Hathaway has definitely seen better (although not brighter!) days.
After OD'ing on self-tanner, Anne Hathaway has definitely seen better (although not brighter!) days.

Please enjoy my tips to avoid these cringe-worthy mistakes and do not let the risk of these beauty blunders scare you away.  As a promise to my readers, I will be honest, thorough and as helpful as possible during your journey through the colorful world of makeup.  Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions, and any questions you may have.

My advice to you is to take risks and get your hands dirty- soon you’ll be sashaying down the sidewalk like you’re strutting your stuff down the Parisian runway.  Use my site as a means of discovery!  Now go, explore!

Glam Love,


CONTACT ME: GlamourEnvy[at]gmail[dot]com

images courtesy of: sxc.hu; pause.se; theexpressionist.com

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  1. Lindsey,
    Nice site. Wish I could provide you with some useful feed back, but I don’t use makeup. Bet your glad to hear that. Hope your job is going well. We’ll see you soon. Best wishes.

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