Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself by François Nars

François Nars, makeup extraordinaire and founder of NARS Cosmetics, recently launched Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself, a picture book illustrating the transformative power of makeup through instructional diagrams and sketches. This is Mr. Nars’ second book and represents the joining of his two loves- makeup and photography- for a brilliant, mesmerizing outcome.  Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself (and Makeup Your Mind) are must-haves for any beauty junkie!  Here’s an exclusive Q&A with Mr. Nars about the launch of his new book.

GE: Why did you decide to create a sequel to Makeup Your Mind?
FN: We originally planned Makeup Your Mind as a three-part book set. The first book featured models, the second showcases real people, and the third will feature notables, tastemakers and celebrities. This felt like the perfect moment to come out with a book focused on real women and men wearing NARS. It was nice to have the opportunity to showcase NARS on every-day beauties—to make NARS feel more accessible.

GE: How is this book different from the original book?
FN: While Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself is a continuation of the first book, it features more inspiring and complex looks. The difference lies in the people featured: they’re everyday beauties hand-picked from the streets of New York City. They represent a range of ethnicities and ages, as one of my main goals this time was to capture as many different people as possible.

GE: How did you come up with the looks for each subject?
FN: Instead of crafting each look based on what suited the individual’s personality, I focused on bringing out her or his natural beauty rather than concealing it. Ideally, you want someone to say to you, ‘You look great!’ rather than, ‘Your makeup looks great.’ You should always see the person first and the makeup second.

GE: What’s your advice for real women reading this book?
FN: Regardless of what look you are trying to achieve, less is more. Always go for transparency no matter what—even with very intense colors.

Book signing of Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself
Book signing of Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself

Visit to take part in the global gallery NARS created to showcase looks from the book, and to compete for your chance to win a trip backstage with NARS at New York Fashion Week!  To purchase the book, visit

Images courtesy of: Nars Cosmetics

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